How to Spa....Spa Myth Busting


Heading to a spa for the first time? No doubt you’re curious about what goes on behind those steamed up doors beyond the changing rooms.

To set your minds at rest, the Spa Spies at the Good Spa Guide have lined up some spa myths to bust. We ain’t afraid of no spas!

Everyone at a spa is already perfect


True – you are already perfect, whatever shape, size, age or colour you are. A good spa is supposed to remind you of this, to celebrate and enhance your natural gorgeousness. We Spa Spies are normal women (and men) and have yet to feel out of place or intimidated at a spa. To be honest, everyone is too busy thinking about themselves to check you out. My colleague, who has been to spas all over the world in the most glamorous locations, has only been to two spas where she has felt uncomfortable due to the high WAG factor – both in the UK (we mention no names). But frankly, people who have butt lifts or Kylie Jenner pouts must be more insecure than you or I can imagine.

Just remember: a good spa is there to make you feel relaxed and fabulous, not terrified and body-conscious – this isn’t the school locker room!

My therapist will be horrified by my ….  

  1. Fat bits
  2. Random hairy parts
  3. Strange bumps and scars
  4. Smell

 A therapist cannot afford to be squeamish or judgemental otherwise she would hate her job and not last long in the industry. Their aim is to make you feel AMAZING. We all have our peccadillos, but you can talk to your therapist about it beforehand if you’re really worried, but honestly, don’t sweat it.

Only metrosexual men spa


This used to be true, but times are a’changing. In response to the rise in male spa users most major spa brands have product ranges and treatments aimed at blokes. Men often spa with their partners, hence the popularity of couples’ spa days, but also might fancy a sauna or massage after working out at the gym. We hear that more men are booking in manicures and pedicures – without the varnish, although there’s no reason not to channel your inner Eddie Izzard. Male grooming generally has risen to meet the demands of the greater bearded hipster, with parlours opening in cities as far afield as Norwich, Plymouth & Glasgow.

Massages hurt

Photo courtesy of Rockliffe Hall Hotel, Golf & Spa, Co Durham 

Most massages we’ve had make us fall asleep. Only certain massages will make you cry out – Thai massage springs to mind, and some sports massages, or if your therapist is working on a knot. In which case, they should alternate hard/soothing strokes until the stressed muscles stop fighting and relax. Your therapist should always check the pressure with you and if they don’t’, tell them what you need and you’ll be surprised at how grateful they are for your feedback.

You have to get naked


No, you don’t. If you do, then you might have accidentally wandered into a spa of ill repute – or be somewhere in Europe, where body-consciousness doesn’t seem to be an issue. The one time I stripped off in a UK spa was on my own in a Rasul chamber, only because I didn’t want to get mud on my bikini and there was no one else around. In wet areas, everyone wears swimsuits under their robes – some do bikinis, some full costumes, all are fine. Even when being massaged, your therapist will discretely cover you up, so only the area being massaged is exposed. Although they ask you to remove your bra for a back massage (you can always say no), your breasts will be covered with a towel when you turn over. Some places give you a disposable thong to wear so you don’t get massage oil on your pants, but again you can wear what you like.

Facials make you spotty


If they did, then all spas and beauty salons would be out of business! Before you have your facial, your therapist will have talked to you about your skin type, but is also experienced enough to know just by looking at you. On top of that, they may shine a very bright lamp onto your skin and have a closer look. Various brands have various methods of discerning your exact skin type. Your therapist will then choose the products that are best for your skin type. If you are prone to spots, let your therapist know.

Lisa Barden, NSW Board Member at UKSA says "Spa is a lifestyle for most other European countries where families will spend a day together or business partners find their eureka moments whilst simmering in a hot tub plus its the healthy alternative to spending the day in what us Brits usually do on a day off, the pub! Why not indulge yourself for a few hours? I don’t see it this way . . . I rather see it as investing in myself."

So If you have any worries, questions or fears, go to for some more information and don't forget to register here for National Spa Week offers near to you!

Happy Spa-ing



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